NHRC’s intervention sought to provide ration and healthcare to Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh

During this difficult times of COVID19 pandemic, about 65,875 Chakmas and Hajongs, majority of whom are citizens of India by birth including about 5,097 who have voting rights, have been excluded from the “economic package for vulnerable sections in difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic” announced by the State of Arunachal Pradesh on 14 April 2020. These vulnerable communities have also been excluded from Ayushman Bharat Yojana thereby excluding them from free testing of COVID-19 and absence of proper shelter and food during 14-day quarantine period imposed on the students and migrant workers belonging to these communities who had returned before the lockdown on 24.03.2020 and are expected to return to Arunachal Pradesh after the lifting of the lockdown. The Indigenous Lawyers Association of India (ILAI) have sought the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in this regard. Click here to know more..

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